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How to change name in ANA airlines?

Travelers have the option to have their names corrected if they have spelled them incorrectly. On the airline ticket, you can only make minor changes to your name; it cannot be changed entirely. The section below has all the information you require on ANA's name change policy, so if you're interested in discovering more, go ahead and comprehend it.

The steps required for changing the name on an airline ticket:

You can employ the user-friendly, straightforward online method. The guidelines that follow can be used to acquire knowledge about the name-change procedure:

● Visit its official website.

● Next, select the 'manage my booking' option.

● Now provide the passenger’s lastname and the booking reference number.

● Click the flight and then select the manage option on the ensuing page.

● After changing your name, if necessary, make the required payment.

● Your registered email address will receive a confirmation once the update procedure is complete.

If utilizing the online method makes you challenging, you can also seek assistance from the service personnel. You can reach them through the phone at 1-800-235-9262, which is the official number. Your assistance is constantly encouraged from the ANA airlines customer service team.

What is the name change policy for ANA flight tickets?

As per the ANA airlines name change policy, passengers are able to modify the name on their flight ticket under the following conditions:

● The name's misspelling corrections

● Modifications or adjustments to the gender, last name, or first name

● An update to the order of names

● Including or omitting a middle name

● Change in name as a result of marriage or divorce

Requirements for changing the name on a reserved ticket

For an appropriate name to appear on the ticket, the following requirements must be met:

● You have to purchase the ticket directly from the airline.

● The airline must be the one operating the flight.

● The trip date and flight cannot be changed while the name correction is being performed.

● The ticket will only be reissued once in the instance of a name correction or change.

● Any additional name corrections will incur a change fee in addition to the applicable fare increase.

What are the costs associated with the airline's name change?

The airline permits you to alter your first name for free, in accordance with the ANA name correction policy / fee. All first name corrections are free of charge for the first time as long as they do not prompt the passengers to change.

You will be required to pay a flight change fee based on your fare type and route, as well as any additional fare if your fare has increased in the interim methods, if you make any more changes to your name.

In conclusion, you can utilize the ANA Airlines name change policy to alter your name on the airline tickets with the assistance of the information provided above. You can call the airline or check out their official website if you have any specific questions. The customer service representatives of the airline are accessible around the clock.