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How do I contact All Nippon Airlines By Phone?

Do you need help right now to resolve All Nippon Airways-related problems from Japan? Or any issues that you can't resolve on your own then you must have to contact customer service. Any questions a traveler may have before or after making a reservation can be answered by a live person when they phone the ana airlines customer service number. Real people are really good at handling every question when you utilize your favorite method of communication to talk with them. 

How do I access ANA?

Using the Service on the Official ANA App

  • STEP 1 Official ANA App. Select Airport Access on your reservation card.
  • STEP 2 Airport Access Criteria Selection Screen. Enter your start point and time of arrival at the airport, and click Search.
  • STEP 3 Airport Access Search Results.

There are many ways to communicate with a real person, and each person is free to use their own way. If you've never spoken to a real person before and are wondering about how to do it, you can look over the instructions below. 

The methods to contact All Nippon Airways from Japan: 

Method 1: By the calling 

With ANA Airlines, you can get help from the customer service department easily. You have to call the ANA airlines customer service contact number and follow the interactive voice response to reach an agent.  You will be able to manage your booking; you can get help with a reservation,  claim a refund, file a complaint, and even change your name if the name is wrongly spelled. You may get a better understanding by reading the details below.

Steps to contact ANA Airlines

  • Dial the number and follow the steps below.
  • You may select the language by pressing the corresponding number from the menu.
  • Then, press 1 for a new reservation or to modify a booking.
  • You have to press 2 if you need to claim a refund.
  • Press 3 to get solutions to baggage-related issues.
  • Press 4 to file a complaint or to share your suggestion.
  • You can press 9 to speak with a customer service representative.

After you are on the line with a representative, you have to provide the booking details like the confirmation code and last name of the passenger to get the best possible service. Then, if you need to change the name, you must provide the correct name, and the representative will correct the name if you are eligible for it as per the airline's policy.

Using the steps above, you will be able to communicate with the customer service team using the ANA airlines toll free number easily. But, if you are not able to connect over the phone, you may send an email to get a solution. You have to click the link to send an email available on the official website on the page “Connect with ANA.” You must mention the query in detail, along with your phone number. You will get a response from the airline within 5- 7 days.

ANA Airlines Customer Service Live Chat

Method 2: By the Live chat 

After the ana airlines 24 hour reservations number, this way comes under the fastest mode to serve their passengers. Because it is totally assisted by automatic assistance, you should have to follow very simple steps to connect with them, which are mentioned below. 

  • Visit the official website of all Nippon Airlines.  
  • Then you must have to select the contact section.  
  • You will find a tab of the live chat.  

Where you need to just give a simple click and start your chat with automatic assistance.  

So in this way, you will definitely be able to connect with the ana airlines contact number from tokyo, and with that, you will get to better know the way to connect through the automatic assistant. All of the required information is well-detailed here, so now without being more perplexed, you need to go through it well.