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    It serves as Jordan's national carrier, with its corporate headquarters located in Amman. At Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, there is the main hub. The international airline association Oneworld and the Arab Air Carriers Organisation both include Royal Jordanian as a member. His Majesty King Hussein of Jordan issued a royal proclamation that officially founded RJ in December 1963. Its cutting-edge fleet serves 57 locations across four continents.

    Connectivity & Fleet

    With 26 contemporary aircraft, Royal Jordanian presently flies to 57 locations across four continents. To maintain its commitment to ongoing modernization and to grow its network of domestic and international operations, the airline is well-positioned to upgrade its current fleet and acquire 12 Boeing 787 aircraft. Airbus 340, A310, A319, A320, and A321 currently make up Royal Jordanian's fleet. Embraer and A310 freight carriers are also included. The fleet is 8.5 years old on average.

    Booking Classes

    Economy class – For those who choose to fly economy class, Royal Jordanian offers comfortable seats, roomy cabins, and a variety of entertainment options.
    Crown class – Experience the pinnacle of air travel with Royal Jordanian's crown class reservations for space, comfort, and elegance. The special lounge is the place to check in if you have a Crown class ticket on Royal Jordanian. There, airline professionals will handle all immigration and baggage issues.

    Services & Facilities

    Royal Jordanian has put a lot of effort into enhancing both ground and in-flight services with the goal of better serving and accommodating passengers with cutting-edge methods and tools.

    The airline allows customers to select their pet's seat on the flight as part of a deliberate effort to achieve that. Passengers must typically check in two to three hours prior to departure under the standard approach.

    The airline provides online check-in as a service. All travelers must be at the transit gate at least one hour before departure to use this facility, which is open four to 24 hours before departure.

    For the convenience of passengers, Royal Jordanian provides competitive onboard services. Every Airbus in the fleet has an air show service that provides passengers with timely updates on the destination, weather, aircraft speed, and flying altitude.

    On long haul flights, the airline plays its video magazine Dandanah on every cabin screen. The magazine features videos on numerous aspects of Arabic living that are both fun and educational. The Sky Cinema in-flight entertainment system provides passengers with a wide selection of entertainment options.

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