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    LAX-Los Angeles International Airport LAS LAX Feb 25 ‐ Mar 06
    LAX-Los Angeles International Airport SFO LAX Apr 12 ‐ Apr 19
    LAX-Los Angeles International Airport SLC LAX May 14 ‐ May 19
    LAX-Los Angeles International Airport PDX LAX Feb 25 ‐ Feb 27
    LAX-Los Angeles International Airport JFK LAX Feb 24 ‐ Feb 28
    LAX-Los Angeles International Airport MSY LAX Jun 08 ‐ Jun 11
    LAX-Los Angeles International Airport MIA LAX Mar 16 ‐ Mar 27
    LAX-Los Angeles International Airport YUL LAX Mar 16 ‐ Mar 19

    Cheap flight to Los Angeles

    Los Angeles has a reputation for being the creative hub of America and is a multicultural metropolis. Among the top things to do in LA are the vibrant restaurant scene, fantastic shopping, first-rate museums, and enjoyable family attractions. Shorts and T-shirts are commonly packed in luggage for practically any trip because of the region's year-round moderate to hot weather and abundance of sunshine.

    There are many activities to do and interesting neighborhoods to discover for sunbathers who are here to take advantage of the warm weather and beaches on a budget. Recent improvements to the public transportation system and the establishment of a Metro Bike Share in downtown Los Angeles have made getting around and seeing the sites easier than ever.

    The ideal time to visit Los Angeles

    Right now, February is the most affordable month to fly to Los Angeles, while July is the most costly. The cost will vary based on a number of variables, including how far in advance you book, the airline, the airport, and the time of departure. Booking at least 60 days before your chosen departure date can help you to ensure that you get the best deal on a flight to Los Angeles. If you wait to book until a week or so before travel, the cost of your flight can go up.

    Top destinations to cover in Los Angeles:

    Families should make frequent trips back to the adjacent Universal Studios and Disneyland. Check out the list of the best tourist destinations in Los Angeles to assist in creating your sightseeing schedule.

    1. Universal Studios Hollywood

    2. Griffith Park and Griffith Observatory

    3. Disneyland Resort

    4. Hollywood

    5. The Getty Center

    6. Petersen Automotive Museum

    7. Santa Monica

    8. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

    Generally speaking, flights to Los Angeles are most affordable in the afternoon. The priciest flights are typically those that take off in the evening.

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