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Etihad Airways Baggage Policy

If you have a flight tomorrow then you should fill your bag with all of your necessary things. But before packing the bag you must have to be aware of the baggage policy. So that you will be able to avoid paying the extra charge and spoiling your mood. But in case you are not finding the information related to the baggage. Then you can get the assistance of the below-mentioned instructions where you will get all the information related baggage policy of Etihad Airways.

Here is the baggage policy of Etihad Airways:

  • The carry-on baggage you will carry in which dimensions should be 56 x 36 x 23 cm.
  • The dimension of the personal baggage should be 40 x 30 x 15 cm such as a laptop, handbag, or small backpack.
  • The check-in baggage either its carry-on or its personal baggage should be adjusted overhead bin or the below the front seat.
  • If the checked-in baggage is cross the dimension of the flight then the baggage will be considered as luggage.

So as per the given policy, you can pack your bag now and be ready to take your flight and create many unforgettable experiences.

What is the Weight Limit for Baggage on Etihad Airways?

The weight limit for baggage on Etihad Airways should depend on what type of baggage you are carrying on your trip.

For carry-on baggage:

  • Carry-on baggage is only part of the cabin baggage which allows 7 kg in economy class.
  • But the carry-on baggage is in business and the first class allows 12 kg.

For the checked baggage:

  • In economy class, the 1 checked baggage allow which weight is 23 kg.
  • But in the same place, for the first and the business class, this airline allows 2 pieces of baggage which weigh 32 kg.

But in the case of extra baggage Etihad airways allow it in three ways such as silver, gold, and platinum. So if you prefer silver then you will be able to carry an extra 10 kg. And in terms of gold, it is 1 2 kg and 1 5 kg for the platinum.

Etihad Airways Carry-on Baggage

When it comes to knowing about carry-on baggage then you need to know that you can carry 1 personal item and 1 carry-on baggage with you. It should be in a size that can easily adjust in an Overhead bin and below the seat which is in front of you. Also, you must have to check whether you are able to carry it on your own or not.

Here with the information which is described here in a well-instructed manner, you will get to better know all the information related to the baggage. But in case you will carry extra baggage then you should pay Etihad Airways baggage fees. It will totally depend on the route, destination, and class of the flight. So you should be aware related to it so that you can avoid paying fees.

Know about Etihad Airways baggage restrictions

Etihad Airways is not too restrictive with baggage, and the standard allowance is such that passengers will be able to carry an ample amount of baggage. If they need to take extra baggage, they may always purchase excess baggage. But for some items, there are restrictions due to safety and security reasons. You can read ahead to understand the details.

Etihad Check-in Baggage Permitted Items

Etihad Airways allows passengers to carry certain items that are permitted. However, these items can be hazardous or might pose certain risks. Thus, there are rules around it. The list of the items is given below.

Power banks - It is permitted only in checked baggage and not as cabin baggage.

Smart bag - As Smart bags consist of lithium batteries, motors, power banks, GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, RFID, or Wi-Fi technology, they are permitted in the cabin and the checked baggage if the following conditions are fulfilled.

  • Only one single lithium battery is used to operate the bag with a rating lower than 100Wh.
  • The battery and the power bank must be removed from the bag. It must be placed separately in the cabin baggage or in the personal item on board, as it is not allowed as checked baggage.
  • The smart bag must not be used to charge electronic devices. You cannot charge the bag either.
  • If the battery cannot be separated from the bag, it will not be permitted by the airline.

Electronic cigarette - You may carry the cigarette as cabin baggage but not as checked baggage.

For flights to and from the U.S., the rules below must be followed.

  • You may be asked to turn on the electronic devices as they must be charged for the flight.
  • Items like loose or spare batteries, power banks,e-pipes, or other personal vaporizers must be carried in the cabin baggage as it is not permitted in the checked baggage.
  • The weight of the materials in the form of granules or powder must not be more than 350g, and if it weighs more, it must be only permitted in the checked baggage.
  • Passengers can carry medically prescribed substances and baby formula in the cabin, given they are sealed.

Etihad Airways Checked Baggage and Musical Instruments

  • Musical instruments can be carried as a cabin or checked baggage. But, as per the Etihad Airways Baggage Policy, it must be within the size dimensions accepted by the airline.
  • If the instrument exceeds the size limitation, the passengers can buy an extra seat to place the bag on the flight.
  •  If you do not want to purchase a seat for the item, you may carry it as checked baggage. It must be packed properly, and the dimensions and the weight should not exceed 300cm and 32 kg, respectively.
  • You may carry large instruments in the cabin if you are sitting in a row with the bulkhead or lavatory wall behind you. The dimension below must not exceed.
  • Height: 155cm, Depth:  22cm, Width:  43cm, Weight: 75kg/165lbs

The information above will be useful if you need to know about Etihad Airways' permitted baggage and carriage of musical instruments. For the solution to travel-related queries, you can call the customer service number or use the official website. The number remains operational 24/7 for your comfort.