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How to manage bookings for your Scoot Airline Flight?

Choosing the best airline should always be the smart move, regardless of your travel plans or destination. One of Singapore's biggest low-cost carriers, Scoot Airlines, offers frequent service to various locations.

In many ways, Flying Scoot Airlines Manage Booking can be your ideal decision. Customers have a means to use their website to manage their reservations. Customers can check in for flights, read their flight information, and modify their reservations.

How to manage Scoot Airlines Flight Reservation?

Sometimes, plans get altered in a way that is never expected. Unfortunately, one gets muddled up in emergencies that force to rethink our planned trips. If you need to make modifications to your reservations, take the following steps:

  • Go to 'Scoot Airlines' official website.
  • Locate and select the "Manage Bookings" option.
  • You should now see the booking reference box on your screen. Fill in the reference number.
  • Now, add your last name and birth date.
  • Now select the "Continue" option.
  • You will receive a successful result after you receive the confirmation email.

How to choose Advanced Seat Selection?

You can also choose your favorite seat through “Manage My Booking.” All you have to do is know about the steps and follow them. You can change your seats even if you have or haven’t Scoot Airlines Manage Flight.

Kindly note that it is necessary to make changes in your seats within 24 hours before your scheduled flight’s departure because the selection of seats is subject to availability.

Flight Cancellation with Just a Couple of Clicks:

You must read and adhere to the following procedures to cancel a flight:

  • The first step in canceling the ticket is by going to Scoot's official website and selecting the trip displayed at the top of the screen.
  • There are two choices available, and you must select one.
  • You must enter the e-ticket and your last name before choosing the search option to get the flight reservation.
  • When you do that, you will be directed to the "Manage booking" page, where several alternatives exist.
  • You must choose the option to cancel the flight.

Change Your Flight Option:

You can quickly modify the flight itinerary for your flight through Scoot Airlines Manage Bookings. To achieve this, think about reading the following instructions and doing so to alter your flight:

  • Visit the FlyScoot official website first (www.flyscoot.com).
  • Afterward, select "manage my bookings."
  • Include every detail.
  • Select "Change flight."
  • After changing it, you'll be responsible for the additional fees.
  • If you get a confirmation email, your flight change was successful.

However, consider reviewing the accurate information on the official website if you encounter any issues.

Seeking Reimbursement After Cancellation – Airlines Refund Policy

When the airline cancels your ticket due to an unforeseen circumstance, you will be given a full refund, per Scoot's ticket cancellation policy. You are entitled to a refund if the ticket is canceled on the booking day and the departure date is less than a week away.

The Reschedule Policy of Scoot Airlines

Up to four hours before the scheduled departure of your Scoot Manage Trip, you may modify your reservation as long as you meet the requirements listed below:

  • If the new fare is higher, passengers must pay the price difference.
  • Additionally, if your reservation uses a discount code, the promotion will be instantly canceled for all flights included.
  • Promo codes are only effective during the time of booking.
  • Changes of destination are not allowed.
  • You must create a new reservation to cancel the existing one without losing money.
  • Online adjustments can be made through the Call Center, the mobile app, or Manage My Booking on FlyScoot.com.
  • Airlines will impose uniform fees and taxes.
  • Please refer to the Fees Chart for a complete list of prices.

Looking for Compensation or Rebook or Missed Flight Policy

If you miss your connecting flight, you must arrange a new ticket unless your original ticket has been paid for. If, however, a delay or cancellation of your incoming flight causes you to miss your connecting flight, you may be rebooked for free on the following aircraft on the same route.