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How To Manage My Booking on Turkish Airlines? 

Turkish Airlines serves flights to more than 300 destinations in 120 countries, and you can obtain various services easily. You won’t be required to get perplexed if you want to make changes to a booking as you can easily use the official website or call the customer service number. You can select a seat or add excess baggage or request special services and much more by learning about the procedure. You may follow the guidelines given here to add a service or make changes to a booking. 

The process is to Turkish Airlines manage booking seats: 

Customers can book seats as per their preference by using the Turkish Airlines manage booking on the official website. The website is a single point of reference to get information about the airline, connect with customer service or manage a reservation. You can make use of the steps below. 

  • You need to get access to the official website of Turkish Airlines. 
  • Then you will find the Manage Booking tab on the homepage. 
  • You have to fill in the flight booking details. 
  • Then, click continue and select the relevant booking. 
  • You have to choose the appropriate tab to book a seat. 
  • A seat map will be shown to you. 
  • Choose a seat as per your preference from the seat map. 
  • You have to make the payment if required. 
  • An email will be sent to you from the airline with an updated itinerary which will show the seat details along with all the other necessary information. 

Customers can use the steps above and easily book a seat as the process is simple. If you require extra help or you are not able to book the seat yourself, you may call the customer service number 1 800 874 8875 and get assistance. The agent will ask for a few details in order to serve you in the best way possible 

How do I Check my Turkish Airlines ticket confirmation? 

You will get a confirmation email automatically after you have made the reservation on your registered email address and you can check your Turkish Airlines ticket confirmation. 

However, if you do not have access to the email, you can request the ticket confirmation details using the official website by using the pointers below. 

  1. Open the tab Manage Booking or call the airline. 
  2. If you are using the website, you will get the option to Get confirmation/itinerary. 
  3. Once you click the tab, you will receive the details on your email address or you may choose to download it on your phone. 

How can I contact Turkish Airlines to manage my booking? 

You can contact Turkish Airlines to manage your booking via the official website using the steps below. 

  • You have to select Manage Booking. 
  • Then, Fill in the details and click Continue. 
  • You will get various options that you may use to manage your booking. 

A representative from the airline will always be available to provide assistance with a booking. You may call the phone number anytime and get the service, facility, or product. 

Using the details above will be useful in managing a booking with Turkish Airlines and having a memorable experience with everything arranged as per your liking, well in advance so that you will not have to lose sleep over minor reservation details as you will know about the process.