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What is the KLM Airlines unaccompanied minor policy?

For children traveling alone can be highly stressful and might make them anxious. But with KLM Airlines, you can opt for the unaccompanied minor service that ensures a safe and comfortable journey for a child traveling alone. The child will get assistance from the point of check-in until the arrival at the airport. You can read further along to know all the details about the airline's policy.

KLM Airlines unaccompanied minor policy-

  • The UNMR service is mandatory for children between the ages of 5-14 traveling alone without the company of an adult.
  • If the child is 15-17 years old, as per the KLM airlines unaccompanied minor policy, you do not need to opt for this service.
  • Children below the age of 5 years must be accompanied by a person who is at least 15 years of age.
  • If an unaccompanied minor is traveling, you can book a direct flight. The service is also given on connecting flights.
  • You must provide the details of the guardian bringing the child to the airport in the My Trips section. A valid government ID must be carried to the airport.
  • You need to bring the child 2.5 hours before the departure to the check-in counter.
  • The guardian must stay at the airport until the flight has departed.
  • You need to fill up the unaccompanied minor form that must be duly signed by the parent or the guardian.

During, before and after the flight-

During boarding, the child will be guided to the seat by the airline staff. Throughout the flight, the crew will keep an eye on the child ensuring their well-being.

After arrival, the child will be accompanied to the arrival hall.

Cost for UNMR service-

The KLM airlines unaccompanied minor fee is as much as the ticket for an adult and you have to pay a service charge which can range from 100$ to 300$ depending on whether the flight is direct or flight with a transfer.

Once you understand the policy, you can continue to book the flight and get the UNMR service. You can learn about the full process by reading along.

The steps to get the KLM Airlines unaccompanied minor service-

  • You must get access to the official website klm.com.
  • You must choose the type of trip, origin, destination, travel dates, and the class of the ticket.
  • You need to choose the number of passengers and the age of the child traveling as well.
  • The UNMR service will be applied automatically.
  • You need to enter the passenger details like the name, number, email address, and address. Download the unaccompanied minor service form that must be filled out and submitted at the airport.
  • Make the payment.
  • You will get a confirmation email from the airline with the details.

By using the steps above, you can easily get the unaccompanied minor service via the official website. But if you do not have access to the website, you can call the customer service number  and speak with a representative to book the flight.

The information here can be used to know the unaccompanied minor policy and the process. For help with other travel-related queries, you can call the KLM airlines toll free number or use the official website. The number remains operational round the clock throughout the week so that your trip is memorable.