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How do I Change the Name on a JetBlue Ticket?

When writing a name, many people make mistakes as everyone has their unique way of spelling a name. But one cannot afford to make the mistake of a flight ticket booking as the repercussions can be severe. If you have a booking with JetBlue Airlines, you can easily correct the error in the name. The airline's policy related to the change of name is crucial, which is given below, along with the process that can be used to correct the name. 

What is JetBlue Name Change Policy?: 

  • Minor mistakes can be corrected free of cost only one time per passenger. 
  • The ticket must be purchased through authorized channels like the official website, customer service number, mobile app, or ticket office. 
  • You cannot change the name on a flight while simultaneously changing the route, travel date, and fare class. 
  • If you are looking for the answer to, Does JetBlue allow passenger name changes? you can change the name on a ticket only once for free,  and on any subsequent changes, there will be a fee, and you may also have to pay the fare difference. 
  • You can correct a minor mistake in between trips.  It must match the government-issued ID. 
  • When changing a name, you cannot change the gender and the date of birth along with the name. 
  • You can even add a middle name which should match your verification ID. 

You can determine whether you are eligible to change your name after going through the policy.  To understand the process, you must read the following. 

The process to change a name on JetBlue 

  • Open the page jetblue.com. 
  • You have to click the tab Manage trips. 
  • Enter the last name and the confirmation code. 
  • Click the tab Continue. 
  • Then you have to select the relevant booking.  
  • Click the option "correct name." 
  • Enter the correct name and attach relevant documents. 
  • You may have to make the payment if needed. 
  • The name will be changed, and you will get an update via email. 

Using the steps above you, if you are eligible as per the JetBlue Name Change Policy, you can easily change the passenger name. If you get stuck in any step, you may talk to the customer service representative and ask to change the name at the ticket counters. You will have to provide the booking details to the agent, and they will make the necessary changes.  

How do I change my traveler details on JetBlue? 

You can change your traveler details on Jetblue by using the official website or calling the customer service number. You have to log in to Manage Booking and use the tab "Edit passenger details" and follow the instructions to complete the process. 

Can you change the name of a passenger on booked JetBlue flight? 

Yes, you can change the name of a passenger on booked JetBlue flight using the process below using the phone number: 

You have to dial the number 1-800-538-2583 and follow the IVR instructions below. 

  • Press 1 if you need to book a flight or modify a booking. 
  • Press 9 to speak to a customer service agent. 

After you are connected, give the booking details, and the name will be changed for you. You will get the details via email. 

What is The Name Change Fee on JetBlue? 

  • The name change fee on JetBlue depends on the type of ticket and the route. It can range from 100 USD to 200 USD.  
  • For some fare types, the name change can be done for free. However, you may have to pay the difference in the fare. 

The information above will be useful if you want to change the name. If you need help with any other travel-related query, you can call the customer service number or visit the official website.  The number is available 24/7 for your comfort so that your flight is memorable.