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How Can I change passenger name on Singapore Airlines?

For utilizing the upcoming weekend traveling is a most relaxing way. But if you have a mistake in the name on your scheduled flight ticket. Then you won’t be able to complete your trip with the wrong name. On the place, you should have to correct it before the day of boarding the flight would be best. And you can complete it simply by visiting the official website.

Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy:

Before knowing the policy you need to know that you can only change 3 characters or less correct/ change suffix/prefix, Correction of maiden/married names, and addition of a middle name.

  • In the case of the name change, the airline will create a new PNR. But if it won’t be available in the same class then you have to shift your booking to the lowest class.
  • If you have added any of the extra services on the old PNR then you must have to shift it to the new one.
  • To avoid paying the extra charge, you are required to change the name within 24 hours of the scheduled flight booking.
  • But you should have to make in mind that it has to be at least 7 days away from the scheduled flight departure.

So while name change, you must have to follow the policy to avoid to stuck in an unwanted situation.

Do Singapore Airlines charge any name change fee?

Yes, Singapore Airlines charge for any name change but there is some condition. If you will cross the risk-free hour then you are required to pay 200USD. But in a scenario where you wish to avoid it then you must have to complete your change within 24 hours of the scheduled flight booking.

What is the procedure for changing my name with Singapore Airlines?

The procedure for a name change with Singapore Airlines is very easy to use. But in case you are wondering about the procedure and not be aware of it then you need to take the help of the steps which are instructed below.

  • Initially, you are required to get access to the official website of Singapore Airlines.
  • Where from the homepage of the website, you need to choose the option of “my booking”.
  • Here you need to fill in the reservation number and the last name to log in to the booking page.
  • Once you will be on the booking page, you need to select the option for “manage my booking”.
  • And choose the option of the change in name and then complete your change from there.
  • Now you need to complete the payment by your preferable mode of payment, (if there is any applied).
  • At last, you will receive a confirmation email on your mentioned Email address.

So now you will be able to change the name very appropriately, after knowing the policy and the procedure. For further information, you can communicate with the Singapore Airlines phone Number experts who will initially ask for some required details and then complete the process very shortly.

Name Correction Types Singapore Airlines

You may correct a name and there are multiple types of changes that can be done. You can get the details below and use it for a better understanding.

Name change due to legal reasons:

If you need to change your name due to marriage or divorce, as per the Singapore Airlines name change policy, you must submit the relevant documents and the name will be changed for you. You have to pay a fee for it along with the difference in fare.

Misspelled name correction:

The airline allows customers to change up to 3 characters to correct the name which will include your first, middle, and last name. Once you correct the name, a new ticket will be reissued containing a new PNR and the corrected name.

Add a middle name:

You may add a middle name easily. You have to contact the customer service agent at the airport or by using the phone number. The representative will change the name for you.

Last name:

If your government ID does not consist of a last name, you may enter your first name in the field last name.

Do you need a Middle name on Singapore Airlines tickets?

No, it is not mandatory to have a middle name on the ticket. However, passengers may choose to add their middle names for a fee if they did not add it during the booking. The name must match the ID of the passenger and it must be authorized by the government.