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How can I communicate with Lot Polish Airlines?

If you are willing to communicate with the customer service representative of this airline about booking a flight. Then, you may get all the information you need right here.  In times of need, the airlines provide outstanding and supportive services to their customers. All you need to do is carefully follow the instructions provided below to contact an airline representative via one of the several methods the airline offers its customers. When you pertain to the suggested methods, you will receive instant help with your questions.

The methods for contacting Lot Polish Airlines representative:

The methods listed below make it simple for you to contact their customer service department:

Via live chat:

Live chat is a great and quick way to communicate with the virtual assistant and get your questions answered. To speak with a live person at Lot Polish Airlines, complete these steps:

  • Visit the official website of the airline.
  • Select "Contact" from the menu.
  • To begin a chat, simply click the chat button
  • Ask your question after selecting the language.
  • If you still can't find appropriate assistance, you can select the Speak to Agent option in the chat box, and a live person will start a conversation with you.
  • Your query will be answered eventually.

Email support:

Create a message in your mail and include all of your questions along with the issue. Use the airline’s official email address provided on their website contact.mailing@lot.pl. When the customer service team receives your email, they will respond with the best solutions to your questions.

Via WhatsApp:

This Lot Polish Airlines also allows its customers to communicate directly with their representatives by using WhatsApp. To contact customer service via WhatsApp, follow the instructions below:

  • Visit its website.
  • Click on the Contact tab.
  • Now click on the Whatsapp link given.
  • Again, click on Continue to contact their customer service in the WhatsApp chat
  • Then message them a "hi," and a customer service representative will get back to you shortly.

Additionally, you can use the information below to contact an airline representative using the airline's customer service number.

How to contact Lot Polish Airlines?

To communicate with the airlines for the booking. Just dial the Lot Polish Airlines Booking Customer Service Number +1(212) 789-0970. Listen to the IVR instructions as given below:

  • To listen to the menu in the preferred language, press 0.
  • To discover more about the reservation information, press 1.
  • To purchase or cancel an airline ticket, press 2.
  • For additional airline services, press 3.
  • To select the last option, press #.
  • To speak with the customer service representative directly, press 9.

By following the above steps, you can easily communicate with the airline directly. You can also get more information regarding the flight booking.

When is the best time to get in touch with LOT Polish?

Typically, between 6 pm and 11 pm EST is the best time to speak to a live person at an airline. Customer service representatives are ready to assist you during these times with any queries or issues you might have. By the way, you can contact the airline's representative and receive help from them throughout the 24 hours.


You can communicate with the Lot Polish Airlines using the above-mentioned methods. Calling the aforementioned number will connect you with a representative who can assist you. If you have trouble getting through to the airline’s customer service over the phone, you may also contact them by chat, email, or social media, as mentioned. The 24-hour assistance desk assists you with any questions you may have regarding flights. So resolve your issues and enjoy your flight as per your comfort.