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10 Spots to See Wildlife in Anchorage

Despite having a population of over 300,000, Anchorage is a beautiful destination to visit the abundance of animals. Numerous birds, thousands of moose, and Dall sheep, including dozens of nesting bald eagles, beluga whales, brown and black bears, beavers, and more are among the local wildlife in Alaska. Keep in mind these well-liked viewing areas if you want the best places to witness animals.

Here is the list of 10 best destinations to see Wildlife in Anchorage

1- Chester Creek Trail

This six-mile stretch of open space connects Russian Jack Park and Goose Lake to Westchester Lagoon. From the Lake Otis Boulevard tunnel heading east, keep an eye out for moose for another incredible chance to observe wildlife in Anchorage. The next time you find inexpensive airfare to Alaska, set aside some time to explore the picturesque snow-covered vistas and captivating bridges. 

2- Chugach State Park

In the Powerline Pass valley, moose abound, and sightings of grizzlies or black bears aren't that uncommon either. In the valley's most remote areas, wolves prowl. The ptarmigan, the official bird of Alaska, can often be seen in the area.

3- Johns Park and Coastal Bluffs

Johns Park, which is snugly tucked into a south Anchorage neighborhood, is fantastic for birdwatching. Shorebirds like geese and sandhill cranes can be seen near the marshes on the bluffs. At the top of the same cliffs, keep an eye out for bald eagle nests.

4- Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

Watch for bears, beluga whales, moose, and eagles as you hike or ride your bike along this well-traveled coastal trail.

5- Westchester Lagoon

Particularly in the spring and summer, Westchester Lagoon is a great place to observe birds. red-necked grebes, Common loons, wigeons, and many kinds of geese, ducks, and gulls are among the birds that birders can expect to see.

6- Goose Lake

One of Anchorage's best places to go birding is Goose Lake, which lies near the city's heart. By hiring a paddleboat and setting out on the lake, visitors may enjoy an impressively close-up glimpse of a variety of bird species. Birdwatchers can safely see the Pacific loons while observing visitors by obeying posted signs. This makes the summer a fantastic time to watch wildlife in Anchorage because many of these species utilize the lake as a breeding area during this time. Canada Geese, American wigeons, and herring gulls are some of the other birds that frequent Goose Lake.

7- Kincaid Park

Thanks to its mix of habitats, Kincaid is home to a wide assortment of wildlife. Black bears are frequently seen in the park's heavily forested parts during the summer and fall. The park experiences its highest snowshoe hare activity in the spring and winter. Since the calves are born in late spring and the adult men spar in the fall, you can view moose all year long. Avid birders should not miss the park because it is also home to sandhill cranes, bald eagles, woodpeckers, and olive-sided flycatchers.

See Wildlife in Anchorage

8- Potter Marsh

The well-kept wooden walkway is situated in the Anchorage Coastal Animals Refuge and offers tourists a convenient approach to observe the marsh's bustling wildlife. Birdwatchers will particularly like exploring Potter Marsh since they can see animals such as trumpeter swans, horned grebes, trumpeter ducks, Canada geese, Arctic terns, eagles, and eagles. In Potter Marsh, fishing is not permitted, but summertime visitors are welcome to view  humpback, Chinook, and coho salmon spawn. The marsh is also home to beavers, moose, muskrats, and snowshoe hares, among other species.

9- Eagle River Nature Center

Eagle River is a haven for a diverse range of Alaskan species because of its location next to Chugach State Park. Visitors can follow a trail from the Nature Center right to a location where they can watch beavers work on their dams. A second route takes visitors to a viewing area that is the perfect spot to observe salmon spawning in August. Hiking the Nature Center's trails may also allow visitors to spot moose, mountain goats, bald eagles, black and beavers, brown bears, and moose.

10- Ship Creek

Skip Creek is a favorite area of fishermen and shorebirds alike. turnstones, Plovers, green-winged teals, sandpipers, eagles, and godwits are just a few of the bird species that either call this area home year-round or migrate to it during the spring and fall. The area is also a well-known salmon run, with a hatchery nearby. Visitors can expect to see large numbers of king salmon, spawning in summer, and coho salmon doing the same in early fall.